Inspiration is a very important part of any writers life.. but learning how to utilize this inspiration is sometimes the hardest part. We want to allow these experiences to influence our lives without allowing them to completely take over the project.

The beginning of my life was complicated, I was sheltered in many ways that built a strange fascination with media and entertainment. I was raised in a Christian household with Christian values, I loved God and wanted to follow his message. We read from Christian books, listened to Christian music and did not own a TV until I was eight years old, and cable at eleven. My mother never wanted us exposed to anything that may be deemed “unfit” for did not fit into our family values, I loved my mom and did not know the difference. Shortly after my ninth birthday I found an introduction to the world of PG-13 (it was still called that then) through a babysitter named Sarah, she had rented a movie by the name of “Pretty Woman” and was going to send us to bed when she decided to let us watch. I remember this moment very clearly being nine years old and falling madly in love.. I thought I wanted to Marry Julia Roberts until I realized I just wanted to BE Julia Roberts… At nine years old I wanted to be a prostitute. Sadly I don’t think I ever really grew out of the idea.

It has always been the obscure movies “Heathers”, “Beatleguise”, “Pump up the Volume”, “Hairspray” (the original), “Plane Trains and Automobiles” or “Who’s Harry Crumb” that impacted my life.  I can remember exactly where I was the day John Candy died, I was 13 years old laying in the basement of our three story government subsidized multiplex condo. His life had affected me so profoundly I found myself crying alone for a man I had never met but knew for certain I would become. The following ten years were spent in one acting class or another, audition after audition for plays I was reasonably good at, before finding a home as a staple performer within the community that nurtured me.

Movies have always played an important part in my own development; religiously, emotionally, spiritually, physically, my identity has always been linked with the media I am exposed to.

I suppose we all are.

The End

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