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I love to write. And I most equally, love to watch. I am a film fanatic.

When I lived in Philadelphia, down the road from my house, there was a rental store, called 'Video Library' in a somewhat, secluded area of the neighborhood. There were about two employees and I was a lot younger then, so their eyebrow piercing, tattoo covered skin and blue dyed hair scared the hell out of me. But that didn’t stop me from renting the movies. No sirree.

Being an average kid, I rented all the animations and the feel-good Christmas movies, even if it was June. I went to the Video Library every Friday without fail. And if I had it my way, I would have gone everyday, but my mother had strict rules about that. Now that I think about it, I suppose it made one day of the week that much more special (that was homework-free day too!).

 By this time, videos were forgotten and DVDs had taken over, and I moved out of Philly. I'm sure those tattoo people wondered every Friday, where I had gone - I was in Singapore, that's where I was. The people, culture, food, neighborhood - everything - was wildly different. The only thing that remained the same was the selection of movies. 

 So, films came to be more than just a form of entertainment - it became a source of comfort. I wanted to be sucked into the fantastical, undying and breathtaking worlds; they made me forget. Therefore, I began to watch movies more often, and by this point, so much so that I have seen almost every film in that rental store down the street of my apartment. 

 Evidently, I love a number of movies, and I could give you a list the top one hundred favorites of mine, but that would just be getting carried away. Instead, I will have to choose. Mind you, this is no easy task for me, which will involve a great amount of thought, critic and confusion.

 (Thinking) (Thinking...) (More thinking)

 I've decided.

 But firstly, you must know that I have penchant for a person’s (particularly an actor) whose name starts with the letter ‘J’; namely, James Dean, James Stewart, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp. Plus the odd ‘L’ and ‘M’; Montgomery Clift and Leonardo DiCaprio. Okay, I’ll stop there. As you might’ve noticed, half of them are dead (if I gave you my whole list, three quarters of them would be). So I, despite my temptations, will write only about one of those three talented actors’ movies.

Rebel. James Dean’s groundbreaking performance in ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ provoked my idée fixe for him, and that will explain the poster I have of him on the wall of my apartment (amongst others, but that’s my favorite), as well as the James Dean collection, which sadly, only consists of three DVDs – that’s all he had time for.

The first time I watched the movie was when I was thirteen and my mom being and accordingly, having the mind of a social worker, thought it “truly reflected the hardships and complicated minds of youth”.

He looked pretty cool on the front cover, and I liked oldies, so I gave it a go. And that was it. It left me with an infatuation for the actor, as well as sympathy and a common understanding of his character’s feelings.

Don’t get me wrong, I was not part of a school gang and had a boyfriend who fell of the edge of a bluff. However, Nicholas Ray used those incidents to so profoundly represent those feelings that teenagers generated back in the 50’s as well as now.

After that one view, my parents had to deal with my constant ravings on James Dean’s “awesomeness” and I have watched each movie of his about five thousand times, but ‘Rebel’ still sticks to me the most; the dialogue (“You’re tearing me apart!), the direction, the acting and the significance and truth of it, haunts me – and I like it.  

The End

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