Lucky Volunteer?

After reading the other additions on here, I just had to add my own, and clambered for the volunteer spot, heh heh. So here I am!

Ah, movies, I love 'em. They can make you laugh. They can make you cry. They can even make you scream. There are plenty of movies I love, to the point where I can't even tell you which one would really be classified as my favorite. So I'll just list some of the ones that are up there...

Well, first of all, I'm a huge Alfred Hitchcock fan. And so here's to the first of his films that I saw, Vertigo. I was rather young when I first saw it, and it absolutely blew my mind. In fact, I believe my mother had to give me a commentary so that I could keep up with all of the plot twists. And, well... it's insane. Like, I said, it blew my mind. As soon as the credits began rolling, I decided to chase that feeling. And so here I am now, an avid fan of mysteries.

In all honesty, the first movie that came to mind when I was thinking of something that really made an impact on my life was The Number 23. It didn't influence my values or give me supreme insight or anything like that. It just made me paranoid. I count up the digits on license plate numbers. I fear May 29th (23 squared is 529. Hence, the date 5/29). I even shriek "Twenty-three!" when I encounter anything that has a link to that number. It's extremely entertaining for me.

And here's one that's not a thriller: Meet Joe Black. I hear it's a remake of an older movie, Death Takes a Holiday, but I've only seen the newer version. And I love it. Throw in some romance, a bit of fantasy, Brad Pitt back when he was sexy, and an ending which can make me emit sobs rivaling those caused by Titanic, and you've got one great movie. It's not very popular for some odd reason, so I'm imploring you to watch it.

And finally, (though I've got plenty of other favorites) The Ring. Yup, back to thrillers. Remember that woah-I-can't -believe-it feeling that I first encountered while watching Vertigo? This one brings it back, and brings it back by the bucketload. While I'm a huge horror movie fan, about half of my time watching an average horror flick is spent hiding my face under something. Not so, here! I had my eyes glued to the television the entire time. It was just too valuable of a movie not to watch. Major plot twists right here! Ah, I still remember my kind of sad fascination as the story of Anna Morgan (creepily enough, my name is Anna) and her daughter unfolded. Not to spoil anything, but I hope that for some reason someone shall once ask me how long one would able to survive in a well, just so I can hiss, "Seven daysssss!"

The End

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