I'm new to this so apologies if I miss the point or don't do something right....

I guess I'm fairly superficial when it comes to films, I don't really look for meanings, I enjoy entertainment. That said, and to totally contradict the above statement, there are some films which keep drawing me back, chiefly, 21 and Almost Famous. Hardly deep films, but interesting journeys with some twists. 

So both of those films are a journey. A guy out to make it in the world, both drawn into being deceitful by deceitful means and thinking that the deceit is harmless and both discovering that it isn't harmless. In 21 the deceit is active and in Almost Famous it is fairly passive. It should resonate with anyone who has been tempted to take a shot at something bigger than themselves or their background when the means of taking that shot could be a little dangerous.

Going one step deeper, I think both of those films show elements of a great poem by Rudyard Kipling called 'If'.

I'll let you google it.

The End

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