Wyatt Aapr

This is a hard one. I don't know where to start. So start at the beginning they say. As a child I loved westerns, like most boys did, and from them I think I learned about fair play. Then, by the time I was in my teens the movies that had an impact on me were musicales, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly and their dancing ability amazed me. And they always got the girl.

Having an impact however, was a far cry from having the ability to dance.. I have zero dancing ability. But to this day I love to watch dancers. I'm glued to Dancing With the Stars.

Two other films that impressed me because their honesty,  were comedies. Mr. Roberts, and The Last Detail. While they were billed as comedies there was much truth in them. In Mr. Roberts, the crew was at sea for 6 months; what went on once the got shore leave, couldn't have been written better. If anything it might have been tamer than what would have transpired. In The Last Detail, the Shore Patrol is escorting a prisoner to a federal prison, and realize how young and inexperienced their charge is, and attempt to rectify this.

And last but not least, the epic film Gettysburg. This film brought tears to my eyes, just thinking that all the killing, maiming, and torture were Americans against Americans. This film helped reinforce my compassion for others.

I'm positive that there are other films, large and small, that have impacted my life. This just a sample.

The End

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