I love a good Satire. Army of Darkness, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The New Guy, and A Knight's Tale are some of my favorite satire movies. I used to think I was into comedy, but I've learned nothing makes me laugh like satire.

Sure I like a good action flick, or a chick flick, or even a musical, but a character with a witty, quick, verbal comeback to every situation just tickles my funnybone. Along with sight gags and references to general pop culture, the satire genre suits me perfectly.

Maybe it's a point of pride, but I enjoy knowing I "get" jokes. There is a satisfaction in being happy with who you are.  And I know for a fact, because I've worked with individuals like I'm about to describe, that if you KNOW you are dumber than others, you are not happy. In fact you are prone to uncontrollable outbursts of anger that later you can not be held accountable for. You know, tolerance of disabilities and such laws.

But as far as a film that has made an impact on my life? I don't think a film has ever made me change, as I would choose a film that already aligns with my personal likes. And I don't think I've been dragged to a film I didn't want to see.

I did however take a college class on Film. Some of those hours of movie watching for credit I'll never get back! A few films were so bad.. I don't even want to think about them! I did however learn to appreciate camera angles, lighting, special effects, and other aspects of a film than just plot and great acting.

Thanks to that class, I never have looked at a film the same way. Which, I think, was the point.

So in conclusion, movies are memorable, evoke spontaneous emotional responses, and take up your time. I have my favorites from childhood and adulthood, I just haven't found one that has left a lasting impression, one that I would choose to watch over and over and never tire of. Maybe I just like variety.

The End

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