The question is what do I watch? With what images do I choose to fill my eyes when I venture beyond the printed page? Who else's vision in form and function has influenced me, given me joy, gifted me with solace?

Well, the short answer is that there are a whole bunch of them. I happen to love movies. I don't think I can name just one. Certainly there are a good number of movies I will never see if I can help it, others I wish I had not tortured my brain with. But so many that are creative vision given life. I do not have to work nearly as hard to watch a movie as I do to read a book. The movie has all the imagery there for me, waiting. I can sit back. Someone else has chosen the cast, picked the costumes, designed the scenery.

Sometimes that is a disappointment. I will never watch some movies because I feel they either will be a letdown from what they could have been, or I wish no one had ever thought of them at all. I will leave movies unnamed as this is not a place for a rant, nor do I wish to offend anyone who happened to enjoy those films I might list. Many of them are based on books I had already read and loved.

Sometimes it is a blessing. I must admit that I feel the Lord of the Rings trilogy fits in this category. With the exception of some particular things that bothered me that were changes from the books, I felt the movies were an improvement. The scope of Tolkien's imagination was given form and his long tracts of description could be deleted because they were no longer necessary. The foreshadowing could become visual or be left out as there was no need to ready the reader for something happening 500 pages later. The movies brought to life a world that had been imagined so many times.

Likewise, I am also a huge fan of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Jim Henson coupled with Brian Froud makes me happy. The attention to detail, the vision required, the imagination they ask of the viewer. All brought me into a land of wonder from which I never really wanted to leave.

I am thankful for action movies of a number of varieties. Those based on comics, those based on the supernatural, those based just on blowing up as many things as possible. There is something about viewing destruction and violence a morbid fascination that so much of humanity shares, that is just flat out satisfying. I like watching things go boom. It prevents me from having to actually do anything drastic and I know nobody was intentionally harmed in the filming. It could be worse, I could be an ambulance chaser or someone standing around the tape at a crime scene.

I love musicals. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Gigi, 42nd Street, Singing in the Rain... Movies that make you happy to have watched them. Admittedly there are more difficult musical movies, such as Rent or Sweeney Todd which are also wonderful in their own way. I am, however, a sucker for happy endings.

I could probably name at least one movie of most genres that I enjoy, although it might take me a bit to find a documentary or a western. I love romances for the happy ending, cartoons for the childish joy.

Wall-E is probably one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is cute. It is also incredibly clever and well written. It takes incredible talent to create a story with very few words, especially when your characters have limited body language like, say, robots.

I hope this little glimpse into what I might be viewing has intrigued and enlightened, just a little bit.

And now to rewatch Underworld. I am in the mood for slaughter.

The End

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