Oh my, Twilight zone, One Step Beyond, Amazing Stories, Night Gallery, Chiller, Thriller, Cat's Eye,, hmmm do you see where I am going with this?  I am a lover of all things short (smile).  However, I have three films I absolutely adore.  One gave me a catch line, a good look at Val Kilmer and what a truly wonderful actor he is.. (I'm your huckleberry).  It also starred Kurt Russel however, Kilmer stole the show with his protrayal of Doc Holiday.  Of course I am talking about Tombstone..

Next, a film I enjoyed not so much for the plot and, it was long, very long, but you couldn't escape the pristeen beauty of Brad Pitt.. Legends of the fall.

Now let's get to the meat of the matter. My exhusband, does that go together like that?  Anyway, he loved horror movies.  I always thought most were stupid, silly ridiculous or, down right scared the crap out of me, (The Exorcist, The Grudge).  But one movie topped them all, it made me think.. suppose, just suppose that actually happened..  It was ridiculous in it's own right but it was interesting from start to finish.  We saw it back in the eighties I think ..(yep cause that was the last movie he took me to see).. It was a remake of an old movie and naturally better cause, it was privy to all of the new technology and color!

I am referring to THE THING! Thank you John Carpenter,, I tell you truly I didn't quite look at my dogs the same.. LOL

The End

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