The year that I was born, The Little Mermaid was introduced to the animated world. I was still living in Cuba when I was old enough to understand what I was watching on the television, and I always remember eating my breakfast Saturday mornings and waiting for my favorite movie to come on.

I remember that one day, the movie was supposed to come on as scheduled, but Fidel Castro had something important to say, so I spent the whole morning crying over my lost little mermaid.

In terms of shaping who I am today? Well, this movie introduced me to imaginary worlds, where everything could exist--monsters, talking fish, even mermaids! I think that was when my mind first started to create, unbeknownst to me. Also, it might have been what greatly influenced my love for writing.

Having lost my dad at a young age, I still cry at the end when Ariel says "I love you Daddy." right after marrying Prince Derek, it gets me every time. It also made me realize, that no matter how big or impossible your dream is--be it to walk on land, or become a successful author-- anything is possible if you keep trying; which is pretty huge for a four year old (and older). I almost also went in the career path towards working for Disney, but then words seduced me and here I am typing this out instead of studying how to draw the perfect animated character.

Today, The Little Mermaid sits in my dvd collection and I watch it occasionally, and every time I still cry. It's amazing the power that some movies have over some people.

The End

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