There are a couple of movies that have been my favourites my whole life, but I don't  think that they've made any real impact on my life other than the fact that they were made over sixty years ago, and I still know some of the songs, and famous quotes from them.

The first one was Gone With The Wind, by Margaret Mitchel. I read the book in high school, but I didn't see the movie until after I was married. We saw the movie in a local theatre, and the film was so old that there was a scene after the burning of Atlanta that was interrupted because the reel of film broke! The quotes I remember are: : After Rhett Butler, (Played by Clark Gable,) tells Scarlett O'Hara (played by Vivien Leigh)  that he is leaving her Scarlett says, "What will I do, where will I go?" and Rhett says,"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". another one, Is Scarlett standing in the burnt out gardens of Tara, saying "As god is my witness, I will never be hungry again". those quotes didn't make any difference in my life, I just remember them.

Another favourite movie is The wizard of OZ, staring Judy Garland as Dorothy, Bert Lahr as the Cowardly Lion, Ray Bolger as the Tin Man, Jack Haley as the Scarecrow, and Frank Morgan as the Wizard. It was on TV every year for at least ten years when I was growing up. I remember this movie very well, because I saw it so many times.  These are the songs I remember: "Somewhere over the rainbow," and "We're off to see the Wizard"  and "Follow the yellow brick road," sung by the Munchkins. I loved the Munchkins, because at the time, I was the same size they were. I'm not all that much bigger now.

As for a movie making an impact on me, I can't think of any that have made an impact to the extent that it changed me in any way. There is one movie that is memorable to me simply because of the circumstances involved when I saw it. It was in the 1990"s, somewhere, and we were booked on a flight to Barbados in February for a vacation. First off, a friend drove us to Dorval Airport In Montreal during one of the worst blizzards we'd had in years. Part of the way it was complete white outs, where you literally could not see anything. I was totally terrified the whole way.

Anyway, when we finally got there, we couldn't go any where, first because of the weather, and second because the windshield of the plane had developed a hairline crack that would split open once heavy air pressure hit it. We had to wait eight hours for our flight, so Air Canada sent the whole plane load, of maybe 200 people to the movies, including soft drinks and pop corn.  There must have been at least ten buses going to different cineplexes all over the city, and you got to pick which movie you wanted to see.The movie we saw was Star Trek: The Wrath of  Khan, starring William Shatner as Captain KIrk, and Leonard Nemoy as  Spock. I am a Trekkie from way back, and I enjoyed the movie, but it was what happened before the movie that sticks in my mind.

The End

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