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For a brief introduction,let me tell you that i never stop thinking of the amount of films i have watch thru time,and since my favourite made such an impression on me i tought why not put the idea up and running?

So here is how i think it would go,if any of you are so incline to join in.

Pick the author you which to write on the next branch ,the rest should take its own normal path...


I remenber the first time i saw Frank Capra`s "It`s a wonderful live.",he co-wrote the screnplay and directed as well as producing the film that was first screened in 1947.

A black and white film,that is best described as a " feel-good film".


With  stars as James Stewart  and leading lady Donna Reid,the story for those who have not seen it,tells the story of one man,George Bailey(played by James S.),in wich with the help of his angel Clarence(who is trying to get his wings -after 200 years in heaven),learns a most valuable lesson.

The lesson we all should take in for no other reason that we put it into practise here in Protagonize.

He learns the importance one person has in others life.


Why is it my favourite film ?

Well since i was very little maybe because i was born in a catholic country and all seems to be centered around one common ground,Family.

It was early brought to my attention that for those you love,there is nothing you won`t do.

A valuable lesson to learn at any thime in your life.I think that is where my choice of wanting  to study pshicology comes from.The need to ease suffering,the need to understand and help.

To me that is what George Bailey represents.

And i still cry when Lulu says the famous sentence " Look daddy,my teacher says that when a bell rings an angel gets its wings..."

Well done Clarence,and the fact that he leaves a book by Mark Twain is just a bonus...

The End

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