Philosofy of a Mortal Man

My duities as a human.

A Philosophy of a Mortal Man

In the heart and soul of man lives a devil capable of sin and other forms of evil. Upon this Earth we live, one with another, races with races, in a question like a spinning wheel never stopping the mysteries of gravity. But why? Tiss true to say to question is another piece of our ever on going human (mortal) nature. But why?


Our evil is innate. Our sins are proof. We sin for we know not the answer of how to be with out sin, nor why we should. As mortals in question we slip into temptation of evil.

The universe contains consequence of choice and our choice is a representation of what we know. Mortals know what we know from how we learned what know.To not know is to be caught between options. How we learn is up to the universe but what we choose is up to us. What Who we choose to teach is up to us. What we choose to teach is up to us. What we know is what we teach even if we don't know it. Knowledge is power as not knowing is potential danger. we learn is up to the universe as well as up to us.

The desire for pleasure, of and in any form (no matter how big or small) will tempt us to acquire pleasure however we know we can. To know bad things are bad as good things are good, will only go as far as we know of each principles severity of consequence.

For one to choose to laugh at another's expense is to condone acquiring pleasure in a negative fashion. Whether the chooser fully sees what consequences the universe is to deal out or how the universe CAN! Doesn't change the reality of the consequences it WILL disperse in it's own time.

To make laughter out of comedy that does not require another to be the expensive object from which what hysteria is derived can be a good thing as long as no one is offended. However, on the other side of this, it is wise to keep in mind that for one to allow outside forces to impose upon ones countenance and to allow ones self to be offended (and even to what extent of severity) is also a negative thing. In the theory of "Positive Energy" any negative energy can be led into a more positive energy if a positive energy draws attention away from what was negative. Vise-Versa


Mortals question always and always desire an answer. If an answer to a mortals question is not true or fact, doesn't mean the mortal chooses to deny the answer. To accept an answer brings that desire to conclusion causing pleasure in not feeling the discomfort of not knowing, even if the answer one accepts is untrue. Thus mortals accept multitudes of wrong answers to be true in their eyes, which is negative.

In the heart and soul of man lives questions he will eventually answer. How one answers a question determines what one agrees to perceive. What we perceive means what we have agreed to believe it means, even if we are so dumb to believe we know that what we believe is what we KNOW, for we believe it to actually BE. The only thing man can be safe in believing is; nothing is as how it would seem to be. Does this mean one should not believe in anything?

This is a question one can answer easily based upon ones beliefs, for the feeling of pleasure of easing the question.


In conclusion, I am a mortal man. It is my duty to keep the peace; first in myself and then all around me. It is my obligation to not be arrogant but to be meek and humble. For I am no greater than anyone, even those who choose to believe they are better than me. I am a servant of God as a mortal man. There for it is my duty to be merciful even unto those who would not have mercy on me. It is my nature to attempt everyday, in all I do, to be clean of mind, body and pure of heart as is God, my Master. It is in me to be true even when I am in danger by other evil men, to be false. For if I achieve true peace and sobriety in my youth my reward will be great and even the Kingdom of Heaven. I must try to shine even if I've failed before, for if I give up, I surely shall be a bright light dimmed.

I shall not scold. I shall not crave and give into desire nor greed nor jealousy. I shall not try to be better than one man, not the "best" man; but I shall be the best that I am. I am a mortal man and my attempts are constant in these things.

I shall succeed in all I attempt if it be true and if I not give into the devil living inside me. I shall not give up. Help me ascend as I wish to help you. Though evil mortals, we have choice. Our choice is what we choose to do.

Be wise. Be true. Love life and love will love you.

We will all get our wings.


Tanger McCaphry

The End

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