Personality vs Appearance

An essay a wrote in a writing course. It is supposed to be persuasive. Probably not. Oh well.

            Lives overlap on a daily basis. People meet others in all different shapes and sizes. Everyone is different and has a different ways of thinking and acting. There are many judges in court, deciding fates of the innocent and guilty, but there are judges in every day life. People judge others without giving a second thought, before a single word is uttered.

            Body modifications, such as tattoos, tend to instill emotions in others. Whether it is fear, disgust, or just apathy, people judge that person before being able to judge character. People are judged so quickly that first impressionsdomatter whether people would like them to or not. People see tattoos or piercings and immediately assume things of that person. For all they know, that tattooed person could be the world’s sweetest person or the world’s most excellent baker, but they would never be able to know because they write that person off. Appearance should not matter. Social life should not revolve around appearances.

            Personalities make a person; it is not the appearance that does. Anyone can have a personality, yet not everyone can be a super model. When talking with someone that one has never met before, they quickly learn about this person. Some people with ‘wonderful’ appearances could have horrible, boring personalities whilst people with not so ‘appealing’ appearances could have a fun personality. Of course, with that being said, not everyone who is visually appealing has no personality and not everyone who is nontraditionally appearance has a wonderful personality. There are reasons people are all different. Without variety in looks and personalities, the world would be very monotonous.

            The only time a person should be allowed to judge another is in a court system or after talking with someone, or knowing someone for a long period of time. For example, someone goes to the library and stands in front of a shelf. Their eyes are drawn to vibrant colors, not the dark hues. They pick up the interesting looking books, books that look promising. That book they pick up could be the worst book ever. They picked it up because it was pretty and appealing yet after checking it out and reading it, they realized that it wasn’t interesting at all. They go back to the library and instead of picking up the vibrant colored covers, they go for the dark cover. Once reading they realize that it is a good book.

           The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is the basis of how humans should see things. People should not judge others by their exterior. After all everyone is the same inside. Everyone has a heart, a brain, two lungs, and a bunch of blood. There isn’t any reason for someone to judge another just by looks. Instead of just looking at the cover, the exterior, look inside the book and read a chapter first, get to know the person, before making such snap decisions.

The End

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