On Chapter 5 of Christabel Mordsa, and Commentary on Writers

I deleted one of my stories, since the main character of that story is being introduced in Chapter 5 of Christabel Mordsa, so it's more beneficial since Christabel is my most popular work, that the readers follow the story to its conclusion, and then to the next work.

So why am I writing a page on what to expect from Chapter 5?  Well, because Chapter 5 takes the story in a entirely different direction then what you've seen in Chapters 1-4.  It's the same tone, the same characterization you loved, but now we're actually getting to the plot in Chapter 5.

I wanted to discuss with you guys what the process is to writing this, because well, I'm a open book when it comes to how I do things.  I might even tell you the answer to the dreaded "Where do you get your ideas?" question.

I've never understood why, when a writer is asked "Where do you get your ideas?" said author is now stepping back in terror. It's a great question.  The saddest part is, there are two answers to that question: 1.  The writer doesn't know where they come from
or 2, and what I really think the writer means: "I don't want to admit where I got the ideas."

The writers that I've talked to, the professional writers that have published works, have never answered that question.  Why? What is so terrifying about it? Do you really want people to ask?  Sadly, I believe the answer is yes.  I truly believe that these writers, the ones who constantly deny that they know,  they want the ego boost that this question fulfills.  They want more sales, and think by dodging the question, they'll get somewhere.  In reality we write about life.  We write about fantasy worlds we WANT to know.  It's not exactly that we write what we know.

The truth is, that most creative writing classes do not teach you creative writing.  What they teach you, is write what you know.  Well I'm sorry but if I wrote what I knew, you'd be getting stories of essays, and I don't think you want that.

So, my writing routine is, kind of odd.

1. I get up, I get dressed (or I stay in the clothes I slept in) and I eat lunch.

2. I listen to a audiobook, just to relax my mind.  This usually takes 3 hours of my time

3. I write with music playing that would convey the scene I want to write.  This means if I'm writing a play, I'm playing something like Celtic music.

4. When the ideas stop, I take a break.  This sometimes takes 3 or 4 hours.  Think of it like recharging your batteries. 

I know this is short, and I apologize.  I just figured I'd type up something to keep my readers occupied until Friday when Chapter 5 is unleashed.

I personally love it, and hope you will too!  Till next time constant reader!

The End

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