Announcing my Autobiography/Conversations

I'm writing a autobiography in the form of conversations I'd like to have with people I havent talked to yet.  This isnt a big update but I'd love you guys to check it out.  By the time most of you read this, (preferably later, but if your reading this very page just as I’ve posted it, if so, please read the earlier things I've written or the other pages in this work.) Chapter 1 – Introductions To My New Muse will be up. (Edit:

Heres the link:


            Christabel Mordsa is still fully alive, it’s just I’m debating what to do with Chapter 4.  Either way, it’ll be awesome.


Keep in touch guys, I love every conversation! Till next time!  Please leave feedback on my autobiography when you get a chance! I'm really excited about it.

The End

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