After Exams: How to Rebuild Your Creative Side

      So, right now you’re studying for a exam, and you want to write? Welcome to reality, friends and neighbors.  You’ve done thousands of literature essays, gotten exhausted at the 20thVirginia Woof and James Joyce reading, and just know that the muse is calling for you to write something new!  So how do we return to that?


Here are a few dos and do nots:

  1.   DO NOT write anything resembling a essay, story, or common poem.  Your mind will drift towards the style you are so used to.
  2.       DO NOT jump into a idea you’ve had, until your mind readjusts to “I HAVE A VACATION!”  Write the idea down, and leave it for a few weeks.
  3.       DO listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite shows, play some video games, read some books.  Relax, you’re on a break.  Your mind needs to reset
  4.       DO NOT write on a day you have things planned be it a Bible Study, any meeting, mall visit.  In summation of this rule: Don’t make plans when you write.  Your mind will never adjust to the story when you have other things to do.
  5.  DO write AFTER the planned event has occurred.  Once you’re free of obligations, the mind can compose.
  6.  DO NOT try to write what you don’t want to.  I know this sounds like a simple rule, but often, too many writers try to branch out with ideas they had simply because they wanted to prove something to someone.  It doesn’t work well in my opinion. 
  7. DO  take a week off.  Your mind needs constant rest, and ability to reset.

So that’s what I’ve got for you today.  Hope that helps.  I know it’s helping me return to form.  Till next time!

The End

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