Criticism - What To Do, and A Update

            Hello again.  The last time we spoke (at least in this blog) I stated that I am not a poet but a writer.  I also said I don’t do constructive criticism due to my nature of being a bit too mean.  I sort of broke that rule today, after seeing some very, shall we say, abrasive poetry that wasn’t clearly defined.


            When poetry isn’t clear, that is to say, it doesn’t hit its intended audience (I’m talking 90% of the comments are hate), it is obvious.  When it does, it is also obvious.  What you do with the reaction is also very important as a writer.  For example, the poem I criticized (I will refrain from naming it) was labeled in the author guidance as a parody of something I, and I can only assume, the readers after me, have never heard of.  The problem stems, I believe, from lack of focus and rigid structure.


            If you focus too hard on structure, you’re bound to be a slave to it.  This is why I don’t have outlines to anything I write.  I have a general idea, but it’s never bound to an outline, or structure.


            As it says in my profile “All Art is Quite Useless.” What does that mean?  Does that mean nothing is art?  Of course not.  Art is subjective to the reader.  Now, if you’re getting criticized by 5-10 people in a row, there might be something wrong with it.  Here are a few tips.


  1. If you are faced with criticism, take it with pride.  Acknowledge the criticism, and respond to it NICELY.  This is a very vital rule if you want to build a fanbase.  Granted, I only have 11 wonderful fans, but imagine the others I would have lost had I taken criticism too roughly.
  2. If there are fundamental errors with your poem, redraft it.  If there are errors in your story, wait until the first draft ends to redraft it.
  3. Forget outlines.  These rigid structures are only good if you know the basic parts of your story or know the story completely.


Short and sweet.  Guess I’ll give you a update on Christabel Mordsa, Shadows of The Undecided Mind, The Deathwatch Game, and my general life now


  1. Christabel Mordsa – Oh you beautiful story.  This is draft 1 of Christabel.  Draft 2 will come later.  If things don’t make sense, don’t fret, the future draft will.  There’s something exciting though about not knowing the future of Christabel though
  2. Shadows of The Undecided Mind  - What an interesting concept.  The first draft totals so far at 101 pages.  I’m holding off on posting more, because of college but I guarantee you, you’ll like this.
  3. The Deathwatch Game – College is draining me of energy.  I need to recheck with a few people, but the chapter should be up soon.
  4. Personal life – Oh boy, one more final on Monday, and then I’m done.  After my final, its hardcore writing on Christabel and Shadows, with a mix of Deathwatch


And that’s my life so far.  Oh and I wanted to remind you.  This is collaborative.  If you have ideas on writing, or advice, add onto this!

I need to lie down because I’ve developed a nasty cold, but until next time!

The End

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