I'm A Writer, Not a Poet

It’s amazing, when one story stops speaking to you for a month or two.  You start to doubt if you HAVE any ability at all.  Doubtful, you replay the music or the thoughts that composed the work.

Christabel Mordsa is an experiment in realistic fiction.  It spoke to me today, and Chapter 3 is coming shortly.  I don't know what to make of it.  And I want to make something of a statement here, for those who dislike my poetry.

I am not a poet.  I am a writer.

This is something that I feel like I need to address.  My most popular poem on this site, Drift, makes no sense.  I agree, and it's not traditional poetry.  Ready for another shocker?  I have a bachelor’s degree in English from a prestigious college and I don’t know the uses of a comma.  I taught myself all I knew about English.  Really I did.  Microsoft Word is my editor.

Ever wonder why my comments are so positive and why I give 5s 99.9% of the time?  I don’t believe in Constructive Criticism.  I know what it is, but I can’t give it.  Why? My words have always failed me.  Often I’m too negative, too forceful, and too mean.  So instead, I focus on the positive.  If I don’t comment, it doesn’t mean it sucks, but I’m of the idea that if I have nothing good to say, I won’t say it.

For God, my writing is devoted.  I wish to help all who need it.  Ask me to read something, and I will, I promise.  And I’ll give you ways to improve it, without being a critic.  I can’t be a critic, but

I am a Writer.

The End

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