The Muse's Demands and How To Deal With Them

  I told you guys I'd post chapter 2 by Sunday.  It's now Tuesday and I bet you're wondering where chapter 2 is.  Well Chapter 2 is being written as you read this.  I kept wondering, how long should my chapters be.  I think I have a answer, and its honestly as simple as "How long is the idea you want to convey in this chapter."  For example, Chapter 2 is going to likely be about twenty pages long.  That's fifteen more then Chapter 1.  I don't go by word count, because often as writers we get stuck on how many words we use.  As I type this for example, I'm three and a half pages into the second chapter.  Write as long as you feel it's adding to the chapter?

  So what purpose does that give you?  Chapters often suffer from "Must finish Syndrome."  That's when your muse is saying "WRITE WRITE WRITE!" and you're saying "Not right now, but I'll do this to make my muse shut up."  Don't give yourself too short of a deadline for a chapter, but do give yourself a deadline.  For example, if you're writing a very long chapter, due to the muse's demand, then give yourself a week to write it up.  Any time past that, and your likely going to lose the idea for the story altogether.  The longer you spend away from the keyboard (more then a week) you'll lose the idea.

So what do you do when you have writer's block?  Write poems, write something else, anything, just to get the block out of your head.  That's the best method I can come up with for writers block.  Hope that helps.

Time to finish up Chapter 2 of Christabel Mordsa Book I.  Before I forget, there will be a subtitle to Book I.  You'll just have to wait a little while longer.

The End

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