Writing, The Muse, and Relaxation

If you have notes on writing, the muse, anything on writing, feel free to add to this.

A little background.  I'm not a realistic fiction writer by nature.  I'm very used to writing vampire fiction.  There comes a point where the same style over and over makes things difficult for the muse.  Now, as for listening to published writers, well here we go.

At first, my favorite author was Stephen King.  He created a work called "On Writing".  Now, I've read this book up and down, word for word.  There's one sentence in that book, that I'm going to paraphrase.  "If you can't read or write everyday, your not cut out to be a writer."

I strongly disagree with this statement.  Sometimes the muse needs a day off, sometimes the muse needs a month off.  Sometimes we need to walk away for a year, and come back rested.

There's no one way to write.  Now, personally I have a plot for "Christabel Mordsa" and yes, it is Book I.  I personally love writing this character.  She's so different then all the other characters I've written up.  I feel refreshed but I don't want to rush through this novel.  I want to live in her world for a week or two.

As for the questions you guys are no doubt having: "Why the elevator scene, Why is it a prison to her?"  Well, these questions are exactly the joy of writing and reading a novel.  Yes all your questions are going to be answered I assure you.  I also feel like I need to be completely honest with you guys. 

I've read a number of works on this site.  One that sticks out to me is Karla Moran's stuff.  It's not exactly the best prose, but the ideas are there, the love of life is there.  That's special.  Now, as for Bladen's "In My Arms", it inspired me to continue Christabel Mordsa in the form you see now.

My only advice to writers is this:  You don't know what the story is until you start typing.  So continue.

My advice to the readers: Please keep reading our works.  Yes you don't know what's going on, but that's a reason to come back, isn't it :3

Tonight I'll work on Chapter 2, and it'll be up by Sunday.  Rock on

The End

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