The Problem

Perpetuating the Problem of Poverty

How Saturating a City with Employment Agencies

Facilitates Social Degradation and Financial Hardship.


The Problem 

Business is about making money, we all know that; and there is an incredible amount of money to be made from ‘Human Capital’. The 2nd largest reported Canadian sales by an agency here in Barrie  (the one beside the hockshop) had earnings in 2013 of over 1.4 billion dollars- BILLION!! That’s more than the combined revenues of all McDonalds Restaurants in Canada. It also boasts a labour force of over 350,000 workers across Canada, which equates to hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers being forced to work at, or near, minimum wage by just ONE of these 48 local agencies.

The most lucrative agency in Barrie (with two subsidiaries) can boast annual Canadian revenues of over 21 billion dollars. So these employment agencies are making a staggering fortune from the sweat off someone else's back; and millions of dollars are being siphoned out of the pockets of hard working Barrie residents; and billions of dollars out of the pockets of workers across Canada each year. This has a severe negative impact on our citizens, and our economy.

The ripple effects of controlling and devaluing jobs, as well as the people who fill these positions, is causing a forced pseudo-poverty upon our citizens. This spills over into our communities as ‘problems’, and the results are not comparable to a mere pebble in a pond; but more so, to a boulder in a puddle. It is destructive to the lives and livelihood of workers caught in this profit scheme, and it invariably puts undue strain on the social services within our community that are consequently needed to help offset the very situations in which these agencies perpetuate through their own existence.

This monopoly over the employment sector by employment agencies has been running rampant for many decades, and it must stop. It is an under-regulated, unenforced, and overlooked enterprise that puts considerable weight upon the health and vitality of our communities. It’s common knowledge within the field of social services that low-income and poverty causes significant social problems. They are far reaching, and all encompassing; from theft, fraud, drug & alcohol abuse, assaults & violence, to prostitution- in the very least; and we are all paying the price for our ignorance towards this issue.

There are many problems in society; problems that strain and test our ability to deal with them, and with each other. But problems don’t just appear out of thin air, they are the bi-product of a cause- a consequence of circumstance. There is always an actuator, an instigator, and/or a perpetrator. But when our primary course of action is to attack a ‘problem’ (the people), instead of addressing the ‘cause’ (the source), we only serve to further victimize the victims of social indifference.

The End

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