The Cause

Perpetuating the Problem of Poverty

How Saturating a City with Employment Agencies

Facilitates Social Degradation and Financial Hardship.


The Cause

Agencies are not here by necessity; they are only here by opportunity. And if there is one thing that an employment agency does NOT do, nor will it ever do, is create jobs. Aside from the skeleton crew that occupies these often bare-boned offices around our city, agencies are only here to ‘take jobs’ off the free market, and profit from our labour force. Their practice is to gather as many of the available jobs in the employment sector as possible, and bring them in-house. This puts the ‘power of possession’ under their own roof, and control; secured by separate contracts between the employers (Clients) and the employees (Human Capital).

This private contract forbids the two from negotiating, discussing, or entering into any mutually accepted employment arrangements between themselves for 3 months of consecutive days/hrs worked- which, by its very own description and nature of being ‘temporary’ employment rarely, if ever, happens. So, these agencies trap the workers in a vortex of under-paid and under-employed conditions, brought on by their in-house scheme to profit from a specific demographic.

And these agencies do prey on a specific demographic. The workers that are denied access to fair wages, employment benefits, short & long term job security, as well as their ability to be self-sustaining, are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. And although the reasons for someone to seek temporary employment is as unique as the individuals themselves; the universal goal is almost always attributed to needing quick, short term work, and a fast payout. This targets the young and old, marginalized and impoverished, students, single parents, disabled, and people suffering from addictions and afflictions, that make it difficult or impossible to hold down a long-term job. 

So it is no coincidence that, for example, one of these agencies has a cheque cashing machine inside their lobby, is located right beside a hock shop, sits across the road from the Canadian Mental Health Association, and is positioned in plain sight of one of our local high schools; it’s called ‘Strategic Product Placement’. It’s how companies lure the public into using their product or service.

Even though most of us are aware that these agencies sell the jobs back to the ‘Human Capital’ at a discounted rate; most don’t realize that it’s quite a substantial portion. The typical ‘fee’ is around 30-40% of a workers hourly wages that go directly into the pockets of these billion dollar corporations. And, unlike other businesses, agencies contribute nothing in return to the communities in which they setup shop. To the contrary, their involvement within the employment sector is a disservice to our residents, our social services, and our economy. Yet this has sadly become a social, political, and legally accepted assault on the vitality of our communities and its residents.

The End

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