Permanent wayMature

The beginning is the same as the end
Undignified and surreal

Do they not realise that they all have the same destination
The interlocking steel carrying them all
Do they not realise that they are putting their lives in these sharp hands
Then again does it even matter

I long to feel the coldness against my body
the sharp edges grazing my smooth lifeless skin
Even for one second of relief
worth every penny spent on that one way ticket
A ticket to the end of the line

If I walked along these tracks forever would I find the end?
I don't believe there is one
I don't want to believe in this world any longer
The pain it has caused me unreal

If the bridge crosses the road to nowhere
Maybe this is my salvation
a way to leave this road and find another
Somewhere where I am not only unknown
But free from the starting and spitting
The pain and the judging

I'll lay on these tracks today
and feel the coldness upon my body
No one will care,
I'm just another inconvenience on their road to nowhere.

The End

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