That is Where our Journey should End

How could I have been so blind

Taking our love for granted

Always looking for something new

When all I need, is right here with you

How could I be so selfish

Thinking only of what is best for me

Lost in expectations

When you complete the broken me

Why do I over analyze

Creating problems never meant to be

Caught in worthless argument

When your love is what will heal me

Do you think we ca have a fresh start

Just hang out till it's dark

meet each other a new

And rekindle our souls' hue

Do you think we can have another chance

to show and enjoy our hearts dance

I can show you how beautiful it can be

To hold you and me

Why do I complicate things so

preaching to choir, no no no

my hypocrisy at an all time high

a bird with big wings who cannot fly

How could I have been so disconnected

missing out on the miracles for us selected

locked into the process to mend

That's where our journey should end

The End

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