I Would Like To Stay

I don’t even know where to start

What pieces to pick up, mend or leave apart

I am scared of this consuming love

Am I capable of returning the branch to you my dove

I’m stuck in all these things I supposedly need

Holding on not being freed

Oh Babe, how ever could you understand

My chaotic heart and mind

I know that I hurt you

Because I’m trying to fit you into my shoe

And it’s clear as day when I say

I’m not sure what to do

I know I love you

Maybe not in your same simple way

But it’s a feeling that could stay

Oh Babe, how ever could you grasp me

When my frustration is all you see

I know it’s sometimes hard to admit

That things are just not the best fit

That we can try to look away

Knowing some problems may delay

This is part of life, yes, I know

But resentment is the first seed to grow

How can we love and let go?

Oh Babe, how ever could you understand

That I need a strong leader and humble demand

I don’t know how to explain

That you stepping ahead is my gain

Looking up to you and feeling proud

Of the effort you live with so loud

I need to run and grow with you

Reach for the next mountain

Enjoying the morning blue

Oh Babe, could you ever see

This is with whom I want to be

A man of victorious drive

Always ready to lead the next dive

A man keeping to my pace

Even if I am in a terrible haste

A man with a peaceful temperament

Slow to anger with positive words

Feeding my need for new excitement onwards

Oh Babe, could you ever see

I don’t want hide in a tree

I want to dance with you and sing songs

Share dreams, cry and laugh at our faults

I need to plan with you and make a home

So we can rise together and visit Rome

I do love you in my own way

If that is good enough

I would like to stay

The End

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