Pepper's Troublesome Problem

This is a cut fable!

            There was a small velvety eared rabbit named Pepper. Pepper was simple little bunny. One could see that by what she wore. Every day she wore something plain and nice. When she hopped she seemed to skip, when she talked a simple plain tune pronounced each word. Even though she was sweet and kind no one really paid attention to her, for she was poor, lived in a small burrow away from the other rabbits and was very quiet.

Inside the town there was satin white rabbit, whenever she hopped her fur glistened in the sun. This bunnies name was Genevieve. Genevieve was perfect. Her manors were the finest and she wore the most fashionable cloths, she was radiant! Not only was she talkative and outgoing, but she knew how to do everything. She could sing excellently, she could play the harp beautifully, could embroider marvelously, write beautifully, draw exquisitely, and preformed ballet gracefully. Everyone loved this bunny.

The two girls were very different. When Genevieve entered a gathering space all of the adult rabbits gasped with joy and ran over to her to learn the latest gossip. All the delicate ears would be scarred by Genevieve’s horrible gossip, but they still believed Genevieve, for Genevieve was Genevieve. Not only did Genevieve know everyone, but all of the young men in the land bowed at her feet and gave her the best sweetmeats there could be. Genevieve was spoiled, which everyone knew, but they couldn’t admit it for Genevieve SHOULD have everything.

Pepper on the other hand never got such attention. Luckily she told herself she didn’t need that much attention, for she knew that her parents loved her and she wasn’t spoiled.

When school started in the fall all of the children rich or poor meet in the same place, underneath a beautiful willow tree. Pepper would wear her nicest lilac dress. It was simple, and defined her ever so much. Her bright blue eyes would shine ever so brightly. Even though Pepper was nice, smart, and talked to everyone she was ignored. As the school year progressed her confidence in herself started to fade. Genevieve spread awful rumors about her family, made fun of her in every possible way, and made sure Pepper felt like an illiterate.  When Pepper would go home to her parents and cry the confidence would build again, but the first look at Genevieve the next day would shatter her heart. She could never be as good at anything like Genevieve.

Little did Pepper know that someone was watching over her. One day in the middle of the winter Peppers teacher, a fluffy brown rabbit, called her after class. Pepper thought she would be in trouble, probably blamed on something she didn’t do by Genevieve. When school ended Pepper slowly hopped to her teacher, her eyes ready to break into tears. The teacher had her sit down than sat beside her holding her smooth paw and looking into Pepper’s sad eyes.

“Pepper, the first day I saw you I fell in love with you.  Your Rosy little cheeks, your bright blue eyes, and silky fur, but you have changed my dear. The first day you came in you raised your paw confidently and answered a question no one could answer, tell me my dear what has happened?” Pepper could only blink away her tears. The teacher got up and brought forth a broken mirror. She made Pepper look into it. Pepper did not like what she saw. She saw a tired, mournful face, and her fur was ratted. Her eyes didn’t sparkle any longer. Not even the lilac dress could bring them out.

“Do you like what you see?” The teacher asked this softly. Pepper shook her head.

“I don’t either Pepper. You are the smartest girl in this class, and the most beautiful. You can do something with yourself, you have a strong future. You don’t need attention in order to be the best.” Pepper wiped her eyes and looked up at her teacher. A small flicker of light brightened her eyes. The teacher got up.

“Tomorrow I want you to come to class clean, happy, and proud. Now let me guide you home, for it is snowing.” Pepper tried to hold back her tears on the way home. She was happy.

The next day Pepper wore her lilac gown and her cleanest pinafore.  She made sure her fur and bushy tail were silky again, because never again would she let herself be so embarrassed. How could she let such a silly girl as Genevieve take control of her? With that last thought she went to school, never again would she let Genevieve, or anyone else push her down.              


There are two morals to this story. First is to never let anyone put you down, because words spoken in rudely are meaningless. Second is that there is always someone there to hold up a mirror before and guide you home when it is cold.

The End

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