People Who Lie.

This is basically a rant inspired by a recent altercation with someone who lied about having a job. It just angers me that people feel a need to lie about stuff. Why do it?

Lying. We all do it occasionally. Little white lies, like "Oh honey your bum doesn't look big in that at all" or "Mum, that shade of orange looks amazing with your bleach blonde hair". Some of us even go a step further and tell great big whoppers, like "My dad's the leader of Cambodia".

Why do people do it? Is it because they feel insecure or inadequate? Is it because they think that by lying, people will like them more? Or is it just because they can? Whatever the reason, it's ridiculous and gets you nowhere. I mean, who would trade a lifetime of honesty and trust for one lie that will just spiral and spiral out of control? 

I used to be a liar myself. I did it for kicks - to make people like me. It never got me anywhere, it just made people refuse to trust me with anything other than their basic information (and sometimes, not even that). Eventually, I stopped. It took my fiance telling me that I was hurting a lot of people with my lies, but I stopped. I haven't looked back since.

Many people say "Well you were a liar, why can't you be more understanding?" and my response is always "Because nobody was understanding towards me when I lied". It's true! How can I be understanding and sympathetic when nobody was the same way to me? I can't really tolerate liars at the best of times, let alone when it's a needless, stupid lie.

Here endeth the rather polite rant.

The End

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