Loma Linda Heart Institute

I remember coming here the first time, now, I guess you could say I am a pro.

I have seen many people come and go.  We all have our stories I'm sure.  Mine was a bout with pneumonia damaging my pumping chamber, now I have a pacer, well, that's not exactly true, I have my own defibrillator.  Not only will it pace my heart but, if my heart should happen to go too fast or too slow or stop.. it will "Kick" start it. nice huh.  So far my heart has cooperated and I haven't felt that thump in the chest, nor do I want to.

Once, I sat in the seats by the window and watched two toddlers bounce down the hall,  they stopped and smiled, waved and said something in the baby language that I haven't used in about 7 years.  Not far behind was a worried looking man and a haggard looking woman.. They walked slowly clucking to the toddlers every now and then.  They pushed a stroller, it was covered by a pink blanket.

It was funny, the toddlers walked into the waiting room not far from me, the woman walked to the counter presented her papers and joined the man, who had sat about two seats down from me.. The babies knew where to go, as if this were the normal thing to do.

I smiled when the woman looked over at me..Her eyes were red and swollen.  Now, I always feel for people that are hurting but, I don't ask questions however, this time.. I don't know just something in her face, as if she needed something. So, I inquired after the little one in the stroller.  She offered a weak smile and said that was the princess, she was two months old.  Then the tears just broke through.  I asked was the baby sick.. she answered no.  I was so glad to hear that don't think I would have known what to say.. Then she said  "I don't think I'm going to be here to see her grow up"  That's when I realized the haggard worn out look, was from her weak heart.

She went on to say, she had a condition called Cardiomyopathy..  she explained how she had begun to feel tired, short of breath, one day almost passing out because she couldn't get her breath, she had begun to swell, her feet, her hands, .. The medication helped but, she couldn't do many things.  Now her heart was shaking, it was not contracting in time, they said she may need an ICD.. she din't know if it would help or not.

I listened then asked her a question.. did heart disease run in her family..  she said no, said so far she was the only one this had happened to.  Then I asked, if she had happened to have any kind of sickness, cold, flu before this happened to her...  She thought for a few and said yes, she had had a bad case of flu, said it had put her down for two weeks.  I smiled..

Then I told her what happened to me.. I told her, get the device, by her being much younger than myself, I was sure it would help her tremendously. I also told her about the pill, the pill I called  "Miracle Pill"  Coreg, I told her all about it.

They were calling me back, I saw a smile cross her face, I said goodbye and walked into the back.

I sat in the seat by the window, two little boys walked in and sat not too far from me, then a little princess walked in holding on to her mothers hand.  She smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen and said something in Babytalion..   The mother went to the counter, I continued to look out the window.  I felt something touch my shoulder, I looked up it was the mother..  "I had my operation, I got my device, I take my pills.. "The Miracle Pill" every day... thank you so much..

I am sure I smiled the biggest smile I'd ever smiled,

The End

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