The Ice Cream Man

It was hot, had been hot for 16 straight days, triple digits.  It was that kind of weather that made a person feel listless and drowsy.  Of course, it made some people irritable and tempers were at the snapping point.  The kids on the other hand loved it.  The pool was at capacity, there were splashes and many joyful screams.

I sat at poolside, I can't swim but I do get in and drench myself.  I watched the Dandelions, the two boys horsed around and the baby stayed close to me, (I wouldn't allow her to go much further)  and she was not happy. 

We had been out all day and I figured it was about time to get something on for dinner.. then, we heard the bell, ding, ding, ding!

It seemed as if time stopped, every child in that pool jumped for joy, "The Ice Cream Man!"

He walked around the corner, opened the catch lock on the gate and pushed his cart inside.  Kids of all sizes raced to the cart for a frozen treat. 

It brought back memories of the ice cream truck that came about when I was a kid, my god, the kids would have floated away to heaven if they 'd been there.  We had rich ice cream cones, sidewalk sundaes, 50/50 bar and, banana splits.

Now there was a little Mexican man with a push cart kind of like you'de find at a ball game, most of his treats were frozen, flavored ice, a few chocolate covered ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches and some little frozen balls of differing flavors, oh yes, he also had, Pac Man, SpongeBob, Betty Boop frozen on a stick, their eyes made of big giant gumballs.  The kids screamed and shouted their wants, waving the money we'd given them in the air.

The man always smiled and spoke to them in Spanish.  It was amazing, each child got what they wanted and always left with a huge grin, then he would look over at the parents, smile and say Buenos Noches..

The End

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