People watching at night

It was quiet here, sounds in the distance included the train that ran from downtown Los Angeles to Arizona an owl or two and of course, the complimentary dog, barking at whatever intruder or, intrusion he perceives

Sometimes at night I enjoy watching the stars twinkle above and the lights in the distance.  I try to imagine what people might be doing.  In the wee hours of the morning, you know the hours between, the hours loved by amnesiacs and criminals, I was the former.

This morning I watched a young man sitting on the wall of the rental office.  He appeared to be reading something.  He had on one of those hoodies so, I couldn't make out his face.  I wondered why he sat on the wall at such an hour.  Was he waiting on someone?  Was he homeless?

Oh my.. now I wish I had been sleep.  The officers surrounded the building,  the young man came out with his hands raised high in the air.  They patted him down and then asked a few questions before pushing him into the back seat.

He glanced up towards my window, staring, throwing daggers as my grandmother would say.. Well, hadn't he seen the "neighborhood watch" sign...

The End

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