I hated catching the bus, they were never on time.  It would be  two weeks before my car was fixed, stupid insurance didn't cover rentals and after paying my deductible, I didn't have the money to pay for a rental.

Blue line 75 was a scenic route, I had to admit that.  Thank god since I was about to have anxiety issues.  The further along the line we went, the more people disembarked, the more pleasant the ride became.  I was headed downtown, to the eye doctor.  I watched the people get on and off, I wondered about some of them, some looked hurried and impatient, others had that {I'd rather be anywhere but here} look.

One young man in particular caught my attention,  I don't know why, he was about 20 to I would say, no older than 26.  He sat quietly reading a book.. I couldn't see the title but it appeared to be a textbook..  Proabably going to the college.  I glanced away for a minute.  When I turned back, he was  looking at me.  He raised his hand and waved slightly, I smiled. 

 I moved across the isle and sat next to him.  I asked if he was going to the college.. He said yes, he was registering for his first semester.. I found out he was only 17, that he had graduated early and was the first one in his family to ever go to college.

We rode along and talked about his dreams and aspirations, all too soon the ride ended.  I gave him a big hug, wished him all the luck in the world and stepped off the bus.

I walked into the Dr.s' office with a smile on my face.

The weather never failed to amaze me, it was raining, yesterday, it had been sunny, beautiful, not one cloud in the sky.. I kind of laughed to myself, hmmm maybe god was crying.

I turned on the television, there was a story about a shooting, gee what a surprise but, it was a surprise, the shooting was on the Blue Line 75 yesterday at 10am, a half hour after I'd gotten off.. A young man had been killed.. 

Jeremy Hastings.. so, that had been his name, I hadn't remembered to ask.. 
It rained today, all day, God was crying..

The End

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