People Watching prt 2

This is not quite people watching, this is more like Jinn thinking.  In 1995, I became disabled, Cardiomyopathy  ( diseased heart muscle). I'd been sick that year, with a viral pneumonia..  I was working so hard, I took the usual, cold meds and cough syrups, you know..

After waking with the feeling of water in my chest, I went to the emergency room.  Now you'de think I would take off from work, I did that day but, immediately went back.  Anyway, the end result was a damaged left ventricle.

My condition had been treated with medication, lots of medication.  However in November of 2005, I had to go back into the hospital, my heart was beating yes, but not in sync, not in the proper rhythm.  And I have to say, I was tired, out of breath, sick all the time.

I arrived at Loma Linda with CHF  (congestive heart failure), during my stay, it was decided I should have a defibrillator implanted.

Two of my daughters are nurses, we were discussing the operation, I was asking questions, many questions, cause I am the biggest baby when it comes to hospitals.

My daughters were explaining it to me and I was reading the information booklet.. I came to one part and I read it I guess... three or four times, still it didn't sink in..  In short what it said was, "Your partner would get a tingle also if you were being intimate and received a shock."

I asked my daughter what were they talking about.. Now, I have to say these are the same people that laughed at my adventure on the Patio with the spider, so what did I expect? 

Well, I was surprised, no shocked to learn that if I received a shock from the pacer, I would feel it.. Don't ask, I don't really know what I thought.  But, it was described to me as a KICK IN THE CHEST..

Good lord, so far so good, no kicks, I intend to keep it that way.. so off to have the pacer checked.

The End

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