A Day at the Park

There were quite a few dogs in the park today and quite a few adults.  I looked around at the swings and sandbox, maybe two or three children.   One took off his shoe and poured sand in his hair.  I laughed, I remember those days.  The two little girls played on the slide.  They would slide and the mom would shout to pull their dresses down.  

Down the little hill there was an elderly couple, the lady had a brown bag and judging by all the birds around her I'd say it was full of crumbs.  The man just sat and stared across the park, she would ask him something every now and then, I could see his lips move but, he never turned his head.. men lol..

I looked back over at the sandbox, a man was standing next to the little boy.  I just sat and watched for a few minutes.. What caught my attention was the fact that, the little boy didn't seem like he wanted to go with the man.  The man held out his hand but the child wouldn't take it.  The man glanced around nervously, oh senses went on the alert, parents didn't do that, parents took their childrens hands and that was it. 

I got to my feet slowly and walked towards the man and the child.  The little boys' eyes were huge and scared.  This was not normal.  I walked up to him and stretched out my hand, he grabbed it.  I turned and looked at the man, making a mental note of his face, he smiled, turned and jogged away.

I found out that the childs name was Christopher and that his mother had left with the same man that had tried to take him.  Social services contacted his father, I stayed with him until his father came.  The police questioned me, I gave them the mans description.  A missing persons bulletin went out for the woman. 

Christophers' mom was never found. However, the man was, he was a pedophile.  I went to the park that day because I love to people watch, I don't concentrate on what might have happened if I hadn't been there. 

I hear from Christopher almost every day.  We get together and play games, I go to his school functions.   He calls me his Watcher.. (smile)

The End

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