People Come and Go

I pull up my insulated bib overalls, and secure the straps over my shoulders. It's cold today, twenty two degrees. I pull my boots up over my wool socks, then don my hoodie. The last thing I do is put on my coat and baseball cap.

It's a short drive over to the building site. This building site is unusual, here we are building a replica of a fort that stood on this ground in 1836. I'm a volunteer, as are all the people that work here. There are about 6 of us that are regulars, but other people come and go, sometimes working here as long as a month, or as little as a half a day. We are thankful for any and all help we get.

Today, I'm the first to arrive. I push aside the canvas door of the large storage area and enter. I've brought a gallon of water for coffee, because we have no drinking water at the site, but before I make coffee, I build a fire in the antique drum that has been converted to a stove. Once the fire has taken hold I make coffee. 

Over the next forty five minutes six other volunteers arrive. Big John Iverson, the unpaid boss, arrives with a dozen donuts, and a ready smile. We all talk about what's to be done that day, and who will be doing what, as we have coffee and donuts. Then we go to work. We only work two days a week, Wed, and Sat, so we won't be done any time soon, but it's enjoyable work and great camaraderie.

The End

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