People Watching

It's raining, I sit at my dining room window and watch the cars go by.  It's cold, a little unusual for California and just that fact makes it fascinating to me.  I hold my cup of coffee in my hands, watching the steam rise. 

The rain isn't so hard now and I see a young mother and her two children, she has on boots, there is an umbrella tucked under her arm, I know why, she has quite a handful with the two little ones. They are waiting on someone.

I see her face and, I remember looking like that when I was a young mother, frustrated, annoyed.  Her hair hanging down her back, clung to her shoulders under the rain hat.  One little guy was clinging to her leg, while the other jumped with all the gusto he could muster into every puddle he saw.  I heard her call him several times, each time he would say "yes mommie" and promptly jump into the next puddle.  Both children had on yellow rain slickers and golashes, something I haven't seen in years.  It takes me back to another time.

I watch as they stand there under the tree down the street, she prys the one child from her legs and picks him up, she reaches out with the other hand and snatches the other little one by the back of his slicker.  He screeches a little and poked out his lips.  Finally, a black car stopped and picked them up.  I smiled.. 

The End

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