Scene 31


[ELLIE runs down the street, waiting at the traffic lights] 


Come on, Come on!

[Thought in the head]

So what is this the author is perhaps up to then?

[Takes Un-crumples piece of paper out of her bag and is about to read it] 

[The red traffic lights go on and everyone crosses, ELLIE does not notice and carries on reading, a man runs into her making her drop all the contents in her bag as well as the piece of paper]


OI! Watch it will you? I’m in a hurry here!


[Picks up all her things and puts it in the bag, the paper discreetly blows away without her noticing]



[Thought in the head]

Oh! I need to cross before the lights turn green again- hang on...where is that paper I had just a minute ago? I probably put it in my bag whilst I was picking the stuff up.

[ELLIE crosses the road just before the lights hit green]


The End

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