Scene 2



[KATE and ELLIE are in the kitchen, having an argument. There is a chair lying on the floor and a glass smashed nearby, signs of the recent problems.

Spotlight goes up on the girls.]


I don’t see why you won’t tell me. 


Because there’s nothing wrong. And if there was, I don’t see why you have to know. 


(exasperated) Because I’m your friend! Because I’m worried about you! For goodness sake, Ellie, can’t you see that I’m only trying to help. 

[ELLIE turns away. Spotlight on KATE dims and bright light follows ELLIE instead. She walks towards the other end of the kitchen.]


Well, maybe I don’t want you to help. Maybe you’re just getting in the way.


Anyway, there’s nothing wrong. I’ve already said that. Get it into your head, Kate!

[ELLIE storms out, slamming the door behind her. Glasses rattle. KATE looks at the door, shakes her head, and sits slowly down in one of the chairs that’s still upright. As an afterthought, she picks up the one that has been left on the floor] 


There is something wrong. I know there is. I’ve been friends with Ellie since we were both kids in primary school and I can tell when she’s hurting.


It kills me when she won’t tell me, though. It means she doesn’t trust me, and I want her to. I’ve always trusted her. 

[KATE turns to audience and looks at them. Lights dim – spotlight gets brighter] 


I don’t suppose you know how it feels. Or maybe you do. Maybe you’ve all had a time in your life when someone you’re friends with, someone you care about, turns away from you and refuses to trust you. It sucks, doesn’t it? 

See, I’m trying to help Ellie. She’s hurting. You don’t know why, yet. I don’t really know how to explain. 

So I’ll do it my way. This way is easier. Imagine that you’re me, and you can see my memories. Now – let’s go back to a day this time last week, and you’ll see what it is that has screwed Ellie up so much …. 


[KATE exits the stage]

The End

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