Pay-Back Time - Script Frenzy 2010

This is awful. I've never written a script before. Oh well, here goes ...



[all lights down so set cannot be seen, spotlight trained on AUTHOR who is standing in the centre of the stage] 


Welcome to a completely pointless play. It’s so pointless that you’ll wonder, in the end, why I wrote it. 

[KATE enters] 


No, it’s not pointless. It’s got a point because it’s giving characters a chance to show their point of view for once. That’s worth something, isn’t it? 

[ELLIE enters] 


Of course, when our darling author started writing, she had no idea it was going to be like this. But she soon found out … 


As I was saying, it’s a completely pointless play, that may possibly have a point. But I’d just like to introduce a few people. 

This is Kate. She is sixteen, a regular tomboy. Remember her – she’s one of our main characters. 

And then you have Ellie. She’s also pretty main, but she’s not quite so boyish. In fact, she’s had a few boyfriends over the years. But she says she’s grown out of that. 

Grown out of what, I wonder. 


And this is our Author. We don’t know her name – that’s one of the irritating things. But we bumped into her a while back, when everything that happened in our lives was just so cheesy and clichéd it was obvious it wasn’t real. 


And that’s how all this started …

The End

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