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just more, ballsy, sarcastic, uggly truth, satirical sideline notes on modern society...

Y'know, we live in a society full of people that just LOVE to wait in lines to pay for things that are just horrible for them...

"Everyone's doing it! C'mon, you should do it too! Join us, it's FUN..!"
(until someone next to you checks out of the game early...)

Cigarettes, alcohol, fast food...
(Hell, just drivin' around could get ya killed these days. But that's for another time...)

People are JUST FINE waiting in line to pay for low cost meals. Waiting in line to pay for cheesesburgers, fries and calcium leaching soft drinks, that they KNOW (or at least most of the adults know it), can and WILL lead to cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and/or a myriad of other wonderful, health related "social norms" ("What kind of disease do YOU have? oh, i just have a boring 'ol brain tumor, how about you...? Oh yeah, well little sally, she just got her first ulcer today!" Congratu-the fuck-lations..!). Times are getting real stupid, real fast.
(Hey, don't look at me like that. I'm just like a reporter, reporting on stupidity, that's all...)

It's ok to them, as long as they saved a few bucks here and there along the way.
That's why they call it a "happy meal", cause the kids are happy that they got a cheeseburger and a free toy, the parents are happy that they shut their kids up for awhile and the fast food joints are happy that they suckered in alot more idiots into spending their time and money at their little establishments by waiting in their lines to pay for their own deaths.
The population is lowered, the ecconomy is doing great, everyone's saving or making a buck everyday...
It's a big circle of money being made and changing hands that's all.
Everyone's "happy"...
(especially the hospital for having to see their dumb asses every week for "treatment" (which i like to call "assisted, transitional, suicide")).
Takes the "i'm lovin' it" to the next level doesn't it...?

Can you say, "smart business venture"?
It's easy to be smarter than people that can't even speak a fkn lick of english to begin with, or have the i.q.s of a pet shop gerble, the attention spans of a guinea pig, the morals of a raccoon and the wits of a socially deprived 3rd grader.
It's really easy, it's not even a challenge or a GAME anymore AND, it's probably not even fkn any FUN for corporations anymore.
AHWW Boo-hoo!
Everyone's getting stupider because of everyone else and everyone that lives like that is a grinning idiot, we're ok with that too...

While we're on the subject, have you ever wondered why there are so many uggly people in the world? Hmmmm?
(c'mon everybody's thinkin' it, i'm just thinkin' it aloud...)
Not that i'm beautiful or anything, i'm sure that i'm just as uggly as the next, just a tad bit more AWARE of shit...

But HAVE you ever wondered why there are so many uggly people around..?

I'll tell you why.
1: cause there are alot of uggly mutha fuckas, makin' alot of uggly mutha fuckin' babies, hmha.
And 2: there aren't nearly enough uggly mutha fuckas dyin' off fast enough.
("Natural selection" notwithstanding...)

C'mon now people, you can't just eat fast food for every meal, you gotta get less excercise, drink more alcohol, drink more caffeinated, soft drinks and keep at it too.
See it's like this, people are some big ass rats, and when you need big rats dead, you need lots of big rat poison.
(and when they're smart-ish, like most people, you need to trick them into WANTING to ingest the poison. It's just easier that way...)

See the idea?
Bigger rats, MORE poison needed, small rats, not so much needed...
Got it?
Small, not much, BIG, MUCH...
Now ya got it...?

OK, that's great!!

Now we're gettin' somewhere...

Well, if it helps, i'm sure if you fast forward maybe 3 or 4 decades, i'm sure there will be alot less unecessary people in the world and THAT'S always a good thing, right?
Besides, i'm sure with most of them out of your way, you may actually be able to ENJOY your drive to work, your trip to pick up the kids from soccer practice, your many trips to walmart and going to meet the person you're cheating on your spouse with.
Imagine that, an actual, enjoyable drive on the open road.

Hell, you may even be able to walk around your neighborhood, at NIGHT even, what with most of the poor gone, you'll be free to enjoy life, just like they do on television.
WOWww, now THAT'S living...(wink-wink)

Fuck it, most of the people you like to avoid are almost gone anyway right? And everyone else is smarter and looks like they belong in a beer commercial, perfect!!
We could be proud of our country again!!!

Welcome to the future...hmhm...

Hey, don't get upset with ME, this shit's already really happening, i'm just helpin' push it along, like a shopping cart in a walmart, just moving right along there, and eventually to either the check-out counter or just abandoned on aisle 3. WHOOPEEEE!!!...

The End

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