100 days

I've waited 100 days. In that length of time, I've learned many things. Many feelings have come to be, just as many have left. Still, one feeling remains true, and it's that very feeling that kept me lasting these 100 days. 

In these 100 days, I've grown. I've grown wiser, stronger, and yet...fonder.Though I hate to admit it sometimes, the fondess can be quite overwhelming. Emotions such as this aren't something I am used to holding onto. Yet I've lasted 100 days.

100 days. How much time lies within 100 days? It was filled with both joy and agony -- impatience and gratefulness...yet it seems to have passed as quickly as only one day. 

And while the pain is sometimes difficult, it is my choice and I am proud of it. 

So I have waited 100 days, and I will wait 100 more.

The End

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