Atelophobia, otherwise known as the fear of imperfection. While this isn't a fear that prevents me from prevents me from creating. I have tons of ideas, tons of brainstorms and discarded drafts that were never meant to be left unfinished. And yet they are.

The one problem with a lot of our early exposure to the internet, is that we witness the improving process as it happens. Usually, when we read a story, we are reading the final draft, and not the many rough drafts that are caked with flaws. Of course we compare our work to theirs, because theirs is nearly perfect. But it wasn't always that way.

Since we share stuff that we are proud of on the internet so early in its development, we get feedback on things we might not necessarily need feedback on. For example, someone might think your creation is wonderful, and so you are satisfied with that. While it could have been taken to its full potential, you find yourself leaving it as it is, because someone else was satisfied with it.  However, I'm just speaking for myself. I could be wrong.

And because a lot of my creations are still in their early stages, I become afraid. Most people do, though. But how far do we let the fear control what we do? Do we prevent it from letting us express ourselves and share what we come up with?

There have been far too many instances that I have passed up opportunities that would let me get closer to my goals. Frankly, I'm tired of letting the fear of imperfection get the best of me. Why? Because I can't be perfect. There will always be someone who doesn't like what I've written, just as there will always be room for improvement. But that's the beauty of it. Because of there always being room for improvement, I can always continue to add onto my work. I will never be left with nothing to do, because there's always more to be done.  I can always get better. There's no limit.

(or as Vlogbrothers put it in reference to the universe: no edge)

The End

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