Something positive

So, before I start rambling on about all the things that go wrong, I'd like to start this off with a positive introduction. I've had anxiety problems sense elementary school. I missed school a lot because I was too anxious to even function in class. 

Recently (and by recently, i mean six months ago) I started becoming a lot more open about it. I told my closest friends, my family...and it turns out they either knew already, or they realized that it made a lot of sense. And since those six months, I've overcome the most annoying of my irrational fears: the telephone.

It was one of the things I dreaded the most. Every time it would ring, I would pace the house until it stopped, and if no one would pick it up, I'd start crying. Yes, I was a 15 year old terrified of using a phone. Quite ironic, isn't? 

Then I met one of my closest friends. For some reason, my desire to talk to him had surpassed my fear that had prevented me from talking to any of my other friends. I ended up calling him almost every day during the summer. I was full of these adrenaline rushes every time I had successfully held a conversation with him. And now, because of that amazing person who put up with my crazy phobia and my ramblings, I can now call people with very little problems. I'm still cautious when it comes to answering phone calls, but I'm getting there.  I'm actually keeping in touch with friends, instead of slowly losing them through lack of contact. 

Now if only I'd get the courage to text him.
That would be fantastic.

The End

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