Patterning The Walls

My musings, thoughts, dreams, and fears that I thought could only be expressed in one of the few ways I know how-- in writing.

When joining a new site I always get this feeling. I want to be noticed, but I don't want attention. I'm terrified of interacting with people for irrational reasons that I will go into at a later time. 

I don't mean to not respond, believe me, I want to...I'm just too afraid. It's a simple "thank you" or "No problem". Why is it so intimidating? Why does the fact that someone commented on something give me an adrenaline rush?

I'm not entirely sure what the point of this page is...but this entire story will just be a tracking of the progress that I make in trying to overcome my fears and get past my social anxiety.

Hopefully this site will help me step out of my comfort zone, and express my feelings in a more productive way than I have been in the past. 

The End

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