Today I have some questions to ask, please be honest;

Do you remember me?

From back in the day, maybe last year, but it feels like years to be honest,

I was walking with my hands in my pockets, staring at the ground, counting my steps, without anywhere to go.

Sun beaming down, and barely paying attention,

Just staring at my feet--


I go on, counting, singles, multiples, endless.

Do you remember?

When you joined my world of numbers, counting endless pathways, endless cracks in the pavement,

Endless weeds growing up our legs holding us down and not allowing us to change--

Always remaining, always counting--


Do you?

We never pulled, we never knew, life had always been so singular, so easily multiplied--

So predictable--


Cracks began to appear, like dozens, beneath my feet and I kept counting, you were counting right behind me--

Assuring that I was being accurate, that I was not missing any of the steps.


I tend to forget you, tend to focus on the cracks, on the steps that I might be missing, your counting makes me paranoid,

Always there, relentless, what to do? What to say?

Nothing. I keep counting. What else can I do?

Thinking so much gives my head a feeling, new of these cracks that I have counted, that I have passed--


I Remember You.

It isn't as pleasant, I did not need my steps counted, my missed cracks revealed,

Please, help someone else, I am sure she will accept your crack finding.

I count my steps, staring aimlessly at the ground, missing a crack or two--


Walk the endless walk.

The End

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