Past the PassMature

This is a really crappy song I wrote, but it won't make sense unless you can hear it, and I don't believe you can upload audio, so yeah. It has absolutely no focus, I was just in a really bipolar mood, and this came out.

I'm sorry,

I'm not good enough,

To satisfy your needs.

I'm sorry,

But I wish I was,

Something you could see,

And believe.

I said I'm sorry,

I'm not the angel you thought I would be.

I'm sorry,

That you have to deal with me.

Yeah, I'm a little fucked up.

Yeah, I'm a little broken.

Yeah, my arms are pretty scarred up.

Yeah, my hearts in pieces.

But that's not gonna stop me now.

Your words mean nothing to me.

Some people ask me how,

I can keep on bein' me.

So I tell them:

Baby, you gotta look to the future.

You scars will heal,

And life will seem real,


Smiles won't be faked,

And happiness will come.

But you have to hold on,

For this time to come.

Sure, life's a bloody battle,

And our minds are oh so fragile,

But you're climbing up a mountain,

So why turn back now?

You're almost halfway there.

You can almost see the peak,

And you begin to think,

That you were strong enough

To make it this far.

And you defied the odds,

And moved on.

Yeah, I was fucked.

Yeah, I was broken.

Yeah, my arms were scarred up.

Yeah, my heart was in pieces.

But now,

Here I am,

Head held high,

High enough to touch the sky.

I let go,

Of all the shit,

That can't bring me down anymore.

I moved on,

Past the pass,

Here I go,

Standing up at last.

So now,

Happiness is here.

So now,

All my frowns will disappear.

So now,

I'm done with all your shit.

So now,

I'm stronger.

So now,

I'm wiser.

So now,

I'm kinder.

So now,

My tale is done.

The End

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