Past Sixty Four

Will you still love me when I'm sixty four?

I use to say, stay

But it became needless

I could see it all in your eyes ,my reflection and the light surrounding it

Then it would all blink away

But after that moment those words became meager


Ch : I still love you

Even as you look right through me

I don’t want you I want you the way you were

I don,t want to turn you over so you don’t get bed sores

 I want you to chase me down the hall again

And catch me in one swoop

Pull me close to you

And kiss me so hard

Swollow up my breathlessness

Leave me feeling nothing but giddy


 I use to say don’t leave me

But I really meant don’t let time take you away

I trusted you to do so

But the fabric of our lives is fraying everyday

Soon they’ll be nothing left but a story, if your lucky



I use to say love, like I knew what it was

I said it at every ritual, before or after every kiss

But now I really know what it is It isn’t ageless that’s for sure

It grows along with you

And I know without knowing that it just won’t die with you

As I lay my head on your lap and you ignore it I know all too well love changes


The End

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