Part One (Sorry for the lack of imagination)

An idea I had from coming home one time. I'm not sure where I'm going with this but oh well. =)

An old lady walked down a dark street. Her coat trailed along the floor like her scarf, that was half off her right side. Her trousers were loose and dragging along the floor as well. Behind her she pulled a large baggage trolley that squeaked every 3 steps. The houses had steps that lead from the front door down to the ground, at least 9, that were crumbling and in dire need of repair. She stopped and looked to a flat wall. “Hello Kitty.” She said to the space. “I have something for you. I was shopping and brought it for you specially.” As she rummaged through her trolley cans rattled and bottles clinked against each other. “Here it is.” She pulled out a black box tied with yellow ribbon and held it out. “Oh of course.” The box was placed neatly on the ground then the lady closed the bag lid. “See you later Kitty.” As she walked off the wheels squeaked. When she passed one house the curtains flickered shut. The box raised a little before vanishing from sight. The old lady turned a corner and disappeared from sight.

The End

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