paper airoplanes

wrote some words on your hand
with the words
do you understand
do you understand
this crazy world
and would you search the oceans
for one pearl ?
just for one girl ?
would you cry everynight
if that girl wasnt by your side
or would you rather die

paper airoplanes
oh how i would like to be free
as we both fly away peacefully
paper airoplanes
crashing into each  other
with no sorrys or goodbyes
cause they know
they'll never need to say good bye
paper airoplanes
thats how i see us two,
cause lets face it we're not always waterproof

have you ever seen the moon
draw on paper and cut into two
have you ever seen a drawn on
broken heart
torn to peices
right from the start
I cant see the difference
other than one being a heart
and the other being a moon
but still there both cut into two
but i want our two
to seem like one
because i think we get along


you could say
that i cant count
but i could say
that i know what your all about
cause i have seen you cry
over one of your plants dieing
and i wanted to start crying
but then i realised
That you were lying
cause really you missed me


The End

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