• t h i r t y - s i x • Sinking Like Stones

Forgotten stones lay like useless dregs of humanity,
pockmarked and battered against the rough tongue of an insatiable desire
I am drab and tired, sick and wasted, a fleeting moment on the dark side of the sun,
We’ve been singing like angels, sinking like stones, shrugging off memories,

Shedding our clothes.

I find our shape a metaphorical demurral of love’s sight,
Blind, just like the sun crashing haphazardly through the tears of the driver,
I find each moment more and more pitiful than the last.

I am tired of your mundane confabulations.
I am sick of this remedial hop, skip and jump of existence,
I treasure what I have left on the outer skin of sanity,
Snails drag their rotting parchment through my mind,
Slowly colliding through a turgid grey matter.

 I am useless and pointless,
I despise the constant disregard for one another,
I am at odds with the values placed on life. 
I’ve shaped my tongue into a ball,
Thick of enough words that I might choke on.

The End

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