• t w e n t y - n i n e • In My Ever

In my ever after there are stars that will not fill, there are voids that will not burn, the sun collides with the moon and the world is  turned upside down and inside out, I wonder what worlds we’ve yet to come upon.
In my ever after, in this butterfly inked parchment I fold at the creases, I deal you a heart and you take all the winnings, I have no presence at the table, you smile and leave me with the burning scent of a Christmas candle.
In my ever after I hold this candle to the wind, I’ve been spitting out bile for days, and I know in a chaos fled heart it was all a well deserved depression, I hear your name called out, but I don’t believe in reverence.

In my ever after, I moved on, and found what it was I was looking for.

The End

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